Zom-B Books in Order, by Darren Shan

Written by Darren Shan, the story of this young adult horror series set in a world overrun by zombies follows a teenage girl named B Smith.

B initially believes the situation is a typical zombie outbreak, but it soon becomes clear that there are deeper and more complex elements at play.

The series explores B’s survival in a world filled with undead horrors, as well as the human and societal challenges that arise in the face of a zombie apocalypse.

Here is the Zom-B Series in Order

Zom-B (2012)
Underground (2013)
City (2013)
Angels (2013)
Baby (2013)
Gladiator (2014)
Mission (2014)
Circus” (2014)
Clans (2014)
Family (2014)
Bride (2015)
Fugitive (2015)
Goddess (2016)

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